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by Adam Patterson

A Very Normal Place, a photographic exhibition by Northern Ireland photographer Adam Patterson, will take over both RUA RED galleries.

During the month of March 2012 the artist lived in Jobstown, Tallaght and spent time getting to know his neighbours. Adam’s photographs document this period.  A Very Normal Place is about people Adam encountered in West Tallaght - their faces, their gaze and their thoughts. The series depicts moments of his place in that corner of time. Gallery Two will host three short films that follow moments in the lives of west Tallaght residents that Adam met during his time here. While Gallery One will feature over 20 photographic prints shot entirely on film, in black and white.

"I arrived with ideas and plans. Much had been written about west Tallaght and my aim was not to correct or offer an alternate view. The purpose was to record my personal time living in the area, through those that opened their doors to me. This work is about people - their faces, their gaze and their thoughts. The series depicts moments of my place in that corner of time. In every sense it is a collaboration with locals that took me into their world. These photographs could not have been formed without their guidance and trust.

I have always found photography to be a fantastic excuse to learn about people’s lives. Often my resulting photographs resemble a brief sketch of my limited time attempting to understand them. People are often cautious about a stranger with a camera and yet with a careful approach and explanation doors will open. This was certainly the case in Jobstown, Killinarden, Fettercain and Brookfield – areas I was warned about by people I met in other parts of Dublin. It is sad that infrequent and unfortunate events involving crime and violence can cast a dark show over an entire area. The reality is that these places are primarily ordinary in every sense, with people just trying to live their lives. Issues arise because others form judgment without taking the time to witness this normality. If they were to walk the streets and talk to the residents, they would likely meet people very much like themselves. These photographs are an attempt to portray the routine, the moments that form a sense of what a place really means.

I thank the people in these photographs. They each gave me something of themselves for no reason at all."

- Adam Patterson, 2012

Dates:                    30th June - 4th August
Time:                      Mon to Sat, 10am – 6pm
                                Closed Bank Holiday Mondays
Admission:           FREE

Adam will return to Tallaght in July to produce a short film about the area to be broadcast on Channel 4. He is looking for people who would like to be involved. If you are between 18 - 28 please contact him directly: 

01 451 5860
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