Above image: Luca Trufarelli | Jessica Kennedy: Songs From A Par park

Paul McAree | Curator-in-residence

Paul McAree is a founder of FLOOD, a contemporary art project in Dublin city. FLOOD has hosted several group exhibitions including artists Michelle Browne, Alan Butler, Martin Healy, Nevan Lahart,… Read more »

Jennie Guy | Socially Engaged Residency

Jennie Guy is an artist, researcher, and independent curator based in Dublin. She is the co-founder and director of Mobile Art School, a project that aims to disseminate contemporary art… Read more »

Laura Sarah Dowdall | Dancer-in-residence

Laura Sarah Dowdall is an innovative dance artist creating engaging performance that is experiential, immersive and permeable to audience interaction. Laura is ‘Dancer in Residence’ at Rua Red for 2017… Read more »