Dedicated Artists Studios

RUA RED has eight dedicated artist studios: 6 wet room studios and 2 carpeted studios/offices. The artist studios are offered at a subsidized rate to encourage professional artists to produce work on a full time basis.

The spaces are designed to be as flexible and adaptable as possible to allow artists to make the space their own. All of the spaces are accessed via the main foyer and reception area, with swipe card access access or conventional lock and key access to the room itself. The building is a hub for artistic activity in the South Dublin area and has a group of existing tenants including writers, visual artists, designers and arts providers.

Studios 1 – 3


The three studios on the south side of the building have large floor to ceiling windows which let in changing light through the day. Each space is a large, open area with natural light, fitted sink, storage and central heating. They each look onto the Square shopping centre, LUAS and Dublin Mountains. As the rooms are not conventional in shape, dimensions are given at the largest points.

  • Studio 1: approx 9m x 7m
  • Studio 2: approx 7.7m x 8.7m
  • Studio 3: approx 6m x 8.7m

Studios 4 – 6

Each of the three studios on the north side of the building are similar in size and shape with a large picture window. There is fairly constant light throughout the day. The window in each room looks out onto the South Dublin County Council Offices and County Library. These are fairly quiet rooms with a great deal of privacy.

  • Studio 4, 5, 6: approx 7m x 5m

Carpeted Studios

Both of the carpeted artist studios are on the second floor at the south facing front of the building. They have large floor to ceiling windows with changing light throughout the day. Suitable for desk based practice.

Register Your Interest

Rua Red exhibit the work of established Irish and International artists who are committed to producing work within a socio political framework. The education programme reflects the organisations interests with place, politics and people through a challenging programme of events, workshops, screenings and performances that allow audiences and visitors to engage with the exhibitions through the mediums of music, dance, theatre and visual art. The studio programme is viewed by the Board and management of Rua Red as integral to the success of the gallery and must support and enhance the organisation’s remit.


Further to your expression of interest I would like to invite you to submit a formal request to take up tenancy in one of the studio spaces. Before applying please read the Studio Programme Application Guide below (for download).

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