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Since its inception in 2009, RUA RED has become a cultural landmark in South Dublin. With almost 2000 people coming through our doors every week to share, create and enjoy the arts and social aspect of the centre, we are a home for creativity and artistic education.

Every year we engage with more than 3,000 people through our galleries, artistic and educational programs; through hands-on workshops, film screenings, artist talks and more. These programs help children and adults to discover and explore the world of creativity, and also support the development of artist’s careers.

Whether it’s rolling up your sleeves in an artist led workshop or listening to an artist talk about their work, we’re here to introduce audiences to new ideas.
RUA RED’s policy of offering subsidized space for the creation and enjoyment of arts has seen some of the most vulnerable in our community find a space to explore and build their confidence and skills in a safe, encouraging environment.


We welcome all donations no matter how small, every little helps!
To give you an idea of how your money can help, here’s a list of what we can do with your support:

  • €10 will provide art materials for a month of our Drop in Drawing sessions for adults.
  • €50 will allow 12 children to take part in a free Creative Den workshop.
  • €500 funds 4 primary school classes to participate in an artist led project.
  • €1000 enables us to provide two month’s free studio space for our dancer in residence.
  • €3000 will fund art trolley sessions for 1 year – potential to reach more than 500 children.
  • €5000 will help fund our weekly film program for 1 year, providing over 100 film screenings throughout the year for families and older audiences.


RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre is a registered charity and donations of €250 or more may be tax exempt. PAYE taxpayers who contribute, enable the Gallery to claim additional support from the Revenue Commissioners, at no extra cost to the donor. RUA RED will issue receipts for all donations which can be filed with your annual revenue returns. Please contact Rebecca at or 014515860 to discuss further.

If you would like to make a donation to RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre you can do so by:

  • Making a cheque payable to RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre Gallery and sending to: Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Development Manager, RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, D24.
  • Calling with your credit card details to + 353 14515860
  • Through the donate button below.